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When I was little, I could barely speak. Had a hard time saying anything to anybody. I was meek, quiet, shy. Now I want to be the best at a craft that's all about expressing myself, articulating myself. And I believe it is my calling. Ironic. Vengeance of the little boy I once was.

Obsession versus stability

If I pursued that life, I would be there.
But it is still sad when others seem disappointed
All I have now is a dream. But that dream keeps me burning. 
No more asking myself  how life would have been different with this choice or that, I am wasting time. Trying to justify myself and my choices is so tiring and unproductive. 
I need to move forward. Bet 100%, go all-in on the path I decided to take. I am a weirdo but so were Pryor, Hicks, Gaffigan, Rock