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New Year's Goals

It has been almost 1.5 years since I decided to pursue success in stand-up comedy. And it has been quite a rough two years. People say starting out is always the hardest, and it has been true for me. I'd been crawling at a snail's pace when it came to progress. Afraid, unsure, burdened by other responsibilities and sidetracked by life's challenges, never fully committing myself 100%.

I'm tired of progressing so slowly. When I watch my peers (comics who started out around same time as me and used to be at the same level) surpass me because they would go out and perform 7 nights a week instead of 2 nights a week like myself, I feel pretty dumb and lazy. They practiced while I procrastinated. They worked on their material while I was caught up in something else. They worked hard while I was resting. And I should not allow that from now on. That makes me furious. Eliminating all the unnecessary fat out of my life. Super focus on stand-up. That's my goal for this year.