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좋은 속담들

人無千日好 花無百日紅
사람은 천 일 동안 한결같이 좋을 수 없고, 아무리 아름다운 꽃도 백 일 동안 붉게 필 수 없다

큰 일을 하려면 역량과 능력보다 담력과 식견이 필요하다.

온실에서 키운 묘목은 키워봐야 약한 풀이 되지만, 들판에서 비와 바람을 견디며 자란 묘목은 커다란 재목으로 크는 법이다.

Meaningful Activities Protect the Brain From Depression


If every young person, in today's society, only does what he/she WANTS to do as a career, there would be way too many Kim Kardashians, way too many Jay-Zs, way too many LeBron James, way too many Justin Biebers, way too many Chris Rocks, way too many Donald Trumps.

So the path that only preaches "Doing what you want to do" to every single person is not sustainable.

If we were living in a perfect world without any social problems, perfect in every way, then maybe, each of us would have been able to pursue a career that just fits two criteria: 1) suitable for our strengths and 2) personally exciting. And there would be no social consequences for everybody acting like that. Everybody would say "I shall get a job that 1) I can be good at and 2) I can have fun doing". That would be the meaning of a happy life. And the world would go on happily and peacefully. Oh, I would have liked to be born into such a happy world. Just doing stand-up comedy for fun. Just writing fo…