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My Future Goals from 2015

So in this somewhat "down-time" as I pivot myself from being a comfortable programmer to my next step, I am going to have to make some new choices.

To be honest, I thought I would have my entire life figured out by 26 years old. Boy, was I wrong. I still feel so immature and limited in different areas before I can even think about "helping the world" or helping make impact in a major way.

All my lofty goals won't be accomplished if I don't think about the most basic, fundamental parts of my personality and skill-set. First things first.

Physical health, Mental health, Spiritual health, Social health + improving my skills in programming,

Having recently read Jobs's biography by Isaacson, I saw that Jobs never actively went out and forged Apple from the depth of his brain. Rather, he had an open, bold and prepared mind, and the opportunity just came to him when Wozniak put together the first Apple computer.

So I just want to be prepared too. So when an idea do…

Best quote

Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation Aristotle

Church and Religion on my Life

Church has personally been a God-send for me. It has transformed my life.
To pray, to hear our pastor's sermons and share our stories in small groups ... has been a huge blessing for my life.

Often in our daily lives, and at work, all we talk about are money, career, competition, advancement, having fun ...

But at church, I was fortunate to discover a group of people passionate about something more than that. Helping one another. Compassion. Kindness. Understanding. Forgiveness. Sharing.

I wonder if I could have survived through all the tough times studying by myself and being lonely ... without the company I had at church here in NYC.

Thank you God, for finding me.

Swift ... coming up to 1 year since conception

Swift was first released around June of 2014. September of 2014 is when I started seriously studying Objective-C. At the time, we were all serious focused on getting employed and making money, so learning Swift for us bootcamp students was more of a "nice extra" than an absolute necessity.

I wonder how quickly the momentum will pick up on Swift.

If it will help me develop faster and more effectively, I have all the desire in the world to be good at it.

Open Frameworks

Open Frameworks has been around for quite some time. It's a collection of libraries (written in C++) that makes it easier to do powerful visual effects, drawing and animations. Recently, I got to explore their Mac OS and iOS versions. 
Mac OS version seems to be a lot more stable. Its iOS framework is powerful but has a steep learning curve and can be troublesome with bugs because it’s not always being updated to keep up-to-date with the latest iOS version. 
The syntax to combine Objective-C and C++ works surprisingly well and it’s not too hard to work with both once you get the general gist of the structure. But as you go deeper and deeper, you will realize that you will run into mysterious compilation errors and a severe brickwall when trying to understanding everything from scratch. Something simple like accommodating different screen sizes can be a mess as well. 
Some general tips to learning about OF iOS: First, I suggest that you go through the basic Open Frameworks project str…