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Dichotomy: Obedience vs. Rebellion

In Asian culture, filial piety and deference to elders are very important cultural values.
It maintains social order and creates easy transfer of wisdom from the old to the young.  "Be receptive to the advice from your mother, father, grandfather, uncle, and always respect them. Bow to them. Speak formally to them." 
In Western culture, as in America, almost a polar value system exists. People here value independence of mind and "standing up for yourself" much more than "obeying authority".  "Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind. You are unique and your voice is valuable."

Personally, that kind of dichotomy has been so hard to juggle in my life. Which adults do I listen to, and which adults do I rebel against? Which authority figures should I be receptive to, and to which ones should I say "Fuck you"? 
I was always afraid of saying "Fuck you" to elders. Turns out, it's a crucial skill in life. 
As an Asian-American…

How to mix Objective-C and Swift in your project

2 cases to consider.
1) Using Objective-C in a Swift file.
2) Using Swift in an Objective-C file.

Given: you started a new Swift project in XCode.

1) Using Objective-C in Swift
Relatively easy. If you try to create a new Cocoa Class file with language as Objective-C, given that you started a Swift project, XCode will automatically prompt you to create a Bridging Header file and a mixed Swift/Objective-C target.

You are not done. Let's say you have an Objective-C header file called "ObjectivePerson.h" that you want to import.
Go to your Bridging-Header file that XCode just made for you above (named YourProjectName-Bridging-Header.h). It's quite empty and kindly commented out like below:

////  Use this file to import your target's public headers that you would like to expose to Swift.//

This is a h file where you can import your Objective-C header files. All of them will get exposed to all your Swift files so that you don't have to manually import them in your Swift fil…

good quote

“인생이란 속도가 중요한게 아니라 방향이 중요하다”
It is not the earliness or quickness of the flower's bloom that is important. It matters how beautiful the flower blooms once it decides to.

Life is not a sprint toward one finish line, but a marathon with many treasures and clues to be found along the way. 

If you run in the wrong direction as fast you can, it can only move you away from your true potential.

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you go in the right direction.
It’s not about getting to the top quick and early.
History is full of people who got their 15-minutes of fame at the top and quickly got overthrown due to their numerous imperfections. They are often too hasty, too impatient, too unprepared, too greedy too soon.

Get there well. Get there right.