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Self-Growth and Career-Growth in an "Agile" fashion

There's a weird parallel we can draw between one's self-improvement process ... and software development process.

Does this sound nerdy? I agree. Let's nerd out.

In software development, a process known as "Agile approach" was born and became a dominating principle for the last 15 years.

Before this approach came about, a lot of development was done in this kind of traditional way: "Let's get a FIXED plan in place. And then execute!"  A fixed plan at the beginning of the project --> Write everything down --> Plan every stage out in a timeline --> Alright, let's get cracking and code this app together.

But things NEVER went according to plan. Common traditional approaches became criticized because it was so inflexible to changing market needs or project requirements. Sometimes, it was also known as the "Big Bang" approach because a client had no idea what the product looked like until the ENTIRE development phase was over (That mig…

Mind Freedom

We all have our minds boggled down with so many different things. Little things.
Anger, envy, worries, negative thoughts, disappointments, regrets, self-doubt, etc.
No wonder our mind gets so tired at the end of the day.

And a lot of us turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with them. Bad habits, overindulging, escapism, distractions, etc.

But it's the rare few who learn not to let those things bother them who move forward. They move forward despite those negative thoughts. They learn to catch themselves when they are off track and switch gears. "Oops, not that same regret-loop again. Let's focus on what I have to do"

If we look at great, accomplished people in the past and present,  people we like calling geniuses, we think wow, how the heck did they do it? They must have had extraordinary IQs. They probably were born that way.

Perhaps the answer lies in simply what their minds were always focused on. I'm sure Darwin, Da Vinci, Einstein, Steve Jobs (him especial…