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Balancing my life

About 3 years ago, I made a bet on stand-up comedy.
(If you go back in this blog, you will see that all I used to talk about is basically stand-up).

It was based on a hypothesis: "Will my funny work in real-life?" I was good at making people laugh in high school and college. I just wanted to see if it would translate to the "real world".

And it did. I loved doing stand-up. It was really tough, and it still is, but I thought I was getting better and better. 
And then reality set in. You needs years to get good enough at comedy and then actually passed at clubs to get paid. My bank account was running thin. I got tired from hopping from one miserable day-job to another to support myself, and just doing stand-up at night. Yes, it was good feeling alive at night doing stand-up but I felt so dead during the day when I was working. I was uninspired, unstimulated and unmotivated, unaligned with my career. Something had to change. 
Only focusing on stand-up as the "only sa…