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How to Stop Being Insecure in Yourself

Being insecure in yourself has much to do with how you think about yourself and your self-perceived identity. When you consider yourself as not being "valuable", and not possessing the things (whether they are characteristics, qualities, status or possessions) that make you an important person worthy of love and respect, that could result in insecurity by creating a thought in your mind: "I am not good enough".

Many religious and spiritual practices offer guidance on how to resolve insecurity by noticing the thought as being separate from yourself. There is a judgment being placed on the person, in this case yourself, as being "not good enough" but who is the judge? That thought might have originated from a combination of experiences from the past, pain body from childhood, parental influence or some other source. When one learns to challenge the judge, one becomes less vulnerable to insecurity. 
Meditation helps greatly with this problem by being aware o…